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Call for  information about our new part time schedules for students in blended learning programs from CDA and Post Falls schools.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Preschool Class

Our preschool class provides activities and structure for students to learn social skills, early fundamentals and self esteem. Your child will be discovering themselves as they develop their motor skills, visual coordination, mental capacity and vocabulary. Hours 9:00 AM - NOON Monday - Friday. Snack included!


Your child does not need to be enrolled in daycare to participate in preschool. Call for more information.

​Age Appropriate Education and Activities


Studies show that children develop mental, physical and social skills differently as they grow and mature. All of our teachers are trained to have children participate in activities that are age appropriate to help each child flourish at their stage of development. We provide as much individual attention as possible during your child's day in our care.

Breakfast and Snacks

We provide a delicious breakfast and snacks based on healthy nutritional guidelines for your child. 


The Kindergarten bus stops at our facility. We can also provide transportation to your child's school.​

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